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Best Ramen in Town


Not many other feelings match that of a piping hot bowl of noodles. With broth so tasteful, it's rich and light at the same time. Simply drink the broth and no beverage is needed. It's one of the most comforting meals yet farthest from home than any other region. When the noodles and broth are done right you don't worry about the toppings, almost don't needed anything else. Add a soft egg, letting the hot broth finish cooking the running yoke. Don't forget about the savory thinly sliced pork chashu. So tender, it's obvious it was cooked for hours and hours. Letting the fat render down softening the meat. Finishing with some mandatory greens of bok choy and scallions bringing the freshness up. There is something special about ramen.. Warms the soul and recenters the mind. -T



Secret spot - comment if you know

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